Friday, 6 February 2015

Getting help to flood victims in Mwandika with Capital Radio Malawi

The 40 families with their emergency parcels

We visited Mwandika with Capital Radio Malawi last week to distribute parcels to 40 needy families identified by the local Village Development Committee and Joshua’s Field Officers as being in urgent need of support. 

All 40 families have lost their homes and most of their belongings as a result of the extreme weather. One family had lost everything except what you can see on the grass matt in the picture to the left (second one down) after their house collapsed.

This is all one family had left
As well as our own fundraising efforts here in the UK, Capital Radio Malawi has been helping to raise funds through a local appeal. 

The team from the radio station, along with Joshua staff and Project Trust volunteers helped to pack up the parcels and the radio crew came with us to help with distribution.
Homes are continuing to come down in the heavy rains

They were gobsmacked at the levels of poverty and isolation of the communities just a stone’s throw from Blantyre. And they experienced the full force of the rains when we got trapped in the Community Based Childcare Centre for 45 minutes when a viscous storm hit. It was a hot topic on the morning radio show the next day.  

Unfortunately the heavy rains haven't stopped and when it does rain it brings everything to a standstill, roads are impassable and it's impossible to get out to these rural communities. But thankfully today (Friday 6th Feb) the sun is shining and the team are out in Khola delivering supplies to the flood victims there. Including Mphatso and her family, whose story we shared with you last week.

Thank you again to everyone across the world who has donated to our Malawi Flood Appeal. Your support is making a difference and we'll share more photos and stories with you as and when we can.