Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A new approach for Kitty Clubs for 2018

Kitty Clubs are our initiative to support the elderly in the communities where we work.  Discussions with those who attended Kitty Clubs in 2017 has led to a change in how we support them.  We will continue to support them , but they have requested a different type of activity.  Instead of the monthly meetings when the elderly members of the community came to have a meal together, they requested that they should receive assistance with growing food.  Joshua distributed seeds among the group and provided advice from the Agricultural Extension Workers.  So far, this programme has been successful, and it is providing the elderly with food so that they can be self-sufficient and assist their families too.  At Joshua, we aim to work with communities to help them identify solutions to their problems - and work with them to implement these.  We look forward to seeing how this new approach works over the next 12 months and what benefits it brings to the families involved. 

Mrs Duli comes from Mwandika, a village south east of Blantyre. Due to good rains in the area, she is expecting a very good crop of Maize this year. She is staying alone and looking after five children so having a supply of maize has made a huge impact on the nutrition in her household. ‘I thank God for sending Joshua to my village. I come here every day and tend to my maize and soya. My family come and help me too. We look forward to harvesting the maize in March/April. It will be a bit later for the Soya. Then I will take both to the mill to grind’. Providing Mrs. Duli with a seed pack has given not only her, but her children nutritious food for the year 2018.