Thursday, 22 August 2013

Jogging for Joshua

Jogging for Joshua India Merrony will be "Jogging for Joshua" this September as she takes on the huge challenge of running the Robin Hood Half Marathon. "To those of you who know me it is unheard of that I partake in any kind of sport, so I hope that this half marathon really demonstrates my support for Joshua!" India is tackling months of training because she wants to raise as much as she can for Joshua's life changing work in Malawi.  In 2011 India volunteered at the Clinic, which is her inspiration for doing the run.

"I have experienced first hand how much of a difference Joshua makes to the local community, having worked in a rural clinic set up by the charity. Here I was involved with contraceptive and general medical services, including HIV testing and advice. It is crucial that this healthcare service can survive and develop and it is the Pensulo Clinic in particular that I would like to raise money for."

If you can support India by donating what you can afford she would be most grateful, and from everyone in the team here and in Malawi we wish her good luck for the big day!