Friday, 20 September 2013

Congratulations Form Two

We've just heard from the team in Malawi that our form two students have excelled in this years Junior Certificate of Education with a pass rate of 76.3%, well above the national average. This is a great achievement for all concerned.

Joshua currently provides full sponsorship to 145 needy students from the local area whom would otherwise be denied an education. These students face extra challenges in achieving good exam results, many are orphans, others are the main carers in the family and some support themselves completely. This makes their achievements even more impressive.

One such student is Chikondi Azele (pictured.) Chikondi is the youngest in a family of 5. At the age of just 12 her father died, leaving her mother struggling provide for her and her siblings. Chikondi was identified by one of our field officers as being in great need of sponsorship. At the time, Chikondi was living with a family friend, as her mother was unable to care for her. With no money for school fees Chikondi would have been unable to continue secondary school without our support.

Chikondi started at the Joshua Secondary School last September and has proved herself to be an excellent student finishing 3rd in her year. Chikondi has excelled in both Chichewa and English Literature and Geography.

"I would like to thank you for sponsoring me to do my secondary education. Sponsorship has helped me to do my secondary education and now teachers are not sending me back home because of lock of school fees."