Monday, 23 June 2014

Clemmie is a Joshua legend

Behind the scenes at Joshua there are people every year who make a huge difference to our work by fundraising, donating and going all out in various different ways. Sometimes you never hear about them simply because we're a small charity, and we don't have the time to shout about all the people who make Joshua's work possible.   One such person is Clemmie Warner (pictured right), who was a volunteer with St Pauls School (Clemmie and her whole team) in Malawi last year, working on construction the assembly hall. Clemmie came back from Malawi with memories that will last a life time and raved to her family and friends about what a great charity Joshua is and how grateful she was to have been involved in our work.

And it doesn't end there. For Christmas Clemmie asked that her family donate to Joshua, rather than buying her a Christmas present. And she raised over £485 in the process. Her selfless generosity is why she is one of Joshua's many secret superheroes, who go the extra mile to make life in Malawi better for hundreds of people every year. Thank you Clemmie - We couldn't do it without you.

If you would like to fundraise for Joshua, or volunteer, drop Heather a line on