Thursday, 10 July 2014

Stars of the (small) screen

An update from George:

"So today started off as usual...we kicked off by finishing the foundations which was a great achievement for all the girls and the builders.
At around 11am though we downed tools and shared a celebratory soda with the builders before heading out... to be filmed for Malawi National Television 'MBC'. Yes  - Team 1 are soon to be stars of the Malawian small screen. Everyone put on matching shirts and gave it their best efforts on site - it's just a shame we won't get to actually see ourselves being broadcast as there are no TV's in Manyenje! :-)
After lunch the girls teamed up with their builder teammates for a game of football which was closely contested but ended as a three all draw.
Issy L and Amy cooked a tasty spinach pasta for dinner.
Our stars today were Emily and Amy for generally being so fantastic and positive.