Thursday, 7 August 2014

All work and no play?

Hey there Caitlyn and Hannah here.

Started the day with a wonderful breakfast: porridge, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bread cooked by Flora, Rachel and Hannah.

Half the team stayed in the compound working on home improvements in the morning, the other half went to the project site to landscape for the terraced garden.

Unfortunately our washing up sink stone filtration system was all clogged up and it took our team a long time to rebuild it!

Fortunately our tyres arrived today so we were able to finish the tyre playground much to everyone's excitement.

A super lunch was then followed by a second coat on the toilets and a lot of rock collection for the playground. Also some of us got creative with local artist Yeung.

Whilst the rest of the team retired for showers, some of the team worked with the Manyenje youth group to create a drama ready for the ceremony on Tuesday.

Lydia, Lizzie and jess prepared a tasty treat of veggie burgers for dinner which filled us all up.

Stars today are: