Monday, 4 August 2014

Jump Rope and the Wisdom Tree

Kitty and Ez here.

Woke everyone up this morning with some circle of life.

This morning we did some liming and bonded with chief Manyenjes son, the other team were plastering. We stopped for mandazis and tea, the women from the community joined us and we learned about jump rope. We were really bad at it!

Then we did some brick lining with some massive motivational tunes ;)

Delicious lunch- guess what not nsema as we were expecting. After that we headed to the famed wisdom tree, which was really peaceful looking out over Manyenje and appreciating it's natural beauty Malawi style.

Then we headed to kachumbe feeding centre to meet with the local youth group, it was very special meeting people our own age. And we played an entertaining game of netball - Manyenje and tgs mixed teams.

After a sorrowful but elated goodbye from our new friends, we skipped down a massive hill with Stevie leading the way, leaping like gazelles.

Then we had a lovely dinner of Indian curry African stylee.

Lydia - endless enthusiasm
Ellie - making a massive effort to make new friends in the group and community.

Peace and glove xoxo