Monday, 20 October 2014

Manyenje here we come!

Currently out in Malawi are a group of volunteers from Leighton Park School. Below is their second blog about their experience so far, enjoy! 
Today we travelled to the village Manyanje with the young children chasing after the mini-bus as it pulled into the village. This was just the start of probably the best welcome any of us have ever had. 

As soon as we arrived we set up our mosquito nets and went out to play with the children as soon as we could. We blew bubbles for them and played with balloons and the ukulele - the excitement on their faces and their eagerness to gather round you to join in was a really special experience.

Later in the afternoon we had the welcoming ceremony which all the village attended, where we exchanged speeches and watched a traditional Malawian dance. After this was probably the best part of the day when we played football and netball with loads of people from the village and taught the younger children 'swing low' with Adrian. 

The welcome and playing time with the children has summed up why Malawi is the heart of Africa and is something none of us will ever forget. I think it has also made us feel extremely grateful to be here.

Group diary entry by Milli
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