Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Urgent appeal to help families affected by flooding in Malawi

70,000 people have been displaced and 48 killed due to flooding caused by extreme weather in Malawi. Caught between two cyclones there has been non-stop heavy rain for more than 72 hours, the worst the country has experiences in 20 years. Worryingly things are set to get worse.

The second cyclone is expected to hit within the next 24 hours.

The situation is distressing, homes have been swept away, crops destroyed and a third of the country has been declared a disaster zone.

The communities supported by Joshua on the outskirts of Blantyre have been particularly badly affected, so much so that we have been unable to reach them all, with roads swept away, bridges underwater and homes completely submerged.

Many of the families we support live in traditional homes made of mud with thatched
roofs, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

We need to ensure that those who have had to abandon their homes have food, blankets and access to clean safe water.

Many people have fled to higher land and are seeking shelter in schools and feeding centres. In Mwandika, at least six families took refuge in the Feeding Centre last night. In Manyenje, more than 70 people have reported damaged homes, 50 of them having lost at least one wall, while 28 families have lost their home entirely.

In Pensulo, unverified reports suggest as many as 200 displaced families are taking refuge in Mitsidi Primary School, having abandoned their damaged homes.

Malawi is looking at a hungry season the likes of which have not been seen for many years.

How you can help

Donate to our emergency appeal to help us get essential resources to the most vulnerable.

Durable plastic sheets – £5 is enough for one 50metre sheet to cover a fallen wall and repair the roof of one home.

Warm Blankets – £7 will help keep those sheltering in feeding centres and schools warm.

Five Iron sheets – £15 to cover one broken wall while the storm passes.

Ten Iron sheets - £30 enough to re-roof the whole house when the storms end.

Emergency feeding:

Joshua feeding centres are ideal locations for community feeding during this crisis and especially while primary schools are closed. We will be widening our feeding program during this emergency to ensure that children, young people and their families are getting at least one hot meal a day.

Nutritious meal – Feed one child for one day for 90p

Feed one child a nutritious meal for a month - £25

With the bad weather set to continue for the next 2-3 weeks, and more torrential downpours expected over the coming days this is our immediate response to the disaster. We are working on a long term response to deal with destroyed homes, lost crops and the potential long term food emergency this catastrophe may cause.

Thank you for your support, 100% of all donations received will go directly to helping those worst affected.