Friday, 20 March 2015

Caregiver Play Day

On Wednesday we took Early Childhood Development Specialist Kim Ferguson and her team of students to Tiamike Community Based Childcare Centre for a fantastic training session on Play.  

The session focussed on taking caregivers back to when they were younger to relive their best play moments. We then set them free amongst materials such as plastic bottles, string, bottle caps and other things found locally or recycled. It was awesome to see this group of adults who are often a bit reserved let loose and get stuck in, remembering their favourite games from childhood...   

We had skipping and jumping games, football, Subbuteo and a fierce game of throw and catch/piggy in the middle, with a Malawian twist. A big favourite with the team in Malawi was the role play in which the women went all out making a fire (from rocks and twigs), mixing Nsima (sand and water), relish (grass and water) - they even served it up for us all to enjoy - it was a joy to behold.  
On Friday we are going back to do it again but this time it will be the caregivers working with the children.