Monday, 1 June 2015

Manyowe kitty club meets for the first time.

Manyowe community held its first Kitty club on the Friday 22 May 2015. It was an extremely successful day. All in all sixty-seven over sixty-year-olds registered to take part in the club.
As this was the first kitty club held in Manyowe, firstly the participants had a ‘break the ice’ session to meet one another and then began to discuss in detail what they wanted to gain from the club and also what activities they would be doing in each meeting.

By the end of the day, with plenty of activities planned, Joe gave them the chance to feedback and make any suggestions. This is a really important aspect of the work we do at Joshua. We work with communities to impact on areas that they feel they need the most help in. It was decided that the kitty club would fit around those who attend Mosque for prayers so that more people would be able to make it to both. On the whole though, stakeholders commended what Joshua has started, caring for the old and providing them with a meal.

Joshua was also able to pass over two new relish pots to the Manyowe kitty club that should last them over two years. We hope this club grows, enabling the elderly within this community somewhere for a bit of relaxation and respite and also teaching us what the community needs in the bigger picture. 

Written by Joseph Chiundiza
Edited by Olivia Tilton