Thursday, 4 February 2016

One thing that makes Joshua great - Our Field Officers

As a grassroots organisation with deep roots in our communities, JOCC Field Officers are people who have grown up in the villages our projects serve and most live there to this day.  They are the eyes and ears on the ground, ensuring all projects are community driven based on real need.  They are troopers - they walk sometimes 5 hours in a day, from home to a project, to the office and back to home.  Come rain or shine, they put in the work and help us to get results.  

Here is what Joseph has to say about his role and his time with Joshua:

"I first got involved with Joshua from my community in Pensulo village at the Joshua Secondary School.  I did my form 2 up to form 4 studies back in 2008.  When I got to the senior section I was appointed school prefect and after school hours on particular days in the week I would meet with my fellow youths for various activities.  This youth program was supported by Joshua organisation and some of the things we did included inter-youth sporting activities, environment activities like sensitizing communities about the effects of deforestation and HIV/AIDS awareness.  I also did a lot of volunteering at the Joshua- Pensulo health clinic when I finished my secondary school.  

I volunteered at the HIV and Malaria testing department where I was incharge of civic education.  Together with the youth group, I had my first opportunity of working with fellow young people from overseas who would come to our village through Joshua for various construction projects and other sporting games.  I enjoyed socializing with the overseas youths as it gave me an insight of English culture.  This experience opened up many opportunities in my life and allowed me to travel to many countries in the world leading leading other volunteer teams and expeditions.  I even got my foot into England where I attended training for overseas team leading with Joshua and Quest Overseas.  Currently, I am on a work contract with Joshua Orphan and Community Care working as a Field Officer linking Joshua with six villages across Blantyre Rural.

Joshua has made a huge impact in my life as to what I am today.  To be honest many of my friends and colleagues and my best memories and experiences, I have had through Joshua. My community - Pensulo is many times developed thanks to Joshua's non stop support to it, the health clinic, the various schools, the maize mill, all of these have improved our lives"
Joseph Chiedza, JOCC Field Officer