Friday, 25 July 2014

Final day at Manyenje for Tonbridge Team 2

Today's post by Anika and Anneka!!
This will be the final blog post written from our lovely temporary home in Manyenje.

Today we enjoyed our final trip to the brick farm and after a period of brick - throwing alongside community members of all ages, we were lucky enough to watch the kiln; built up by the 16000 bricks, being lit and fired after being part of the making process over the last few days.

Despite the fact that everyone is sad to leave our little village, we enjoyed a warm sendoff by the entire Manyenje community. Our whole group paid some sort of tribute, including gym by Caitlin, drama performance starring Mr T, Hebe, Preet, Izzi and Alice. There was also a song sung by the whole group with solo duets by us (Anika and Anneka) and finally a speech by Freya and Alice.

We were treated with some traditional African dancing which was a completely new experience and extremely impressive.

Overall, we feel extremely privileged to have worked alongside such a welcoming community where we built new friendships with the locals (of all ages) and each other. Although it is sad that we must now leave the village, we look forward to our safari and the beautiful sights Malawi has to offer.

We are sure that Team 3 who are coming at the end of the week will enjoy Manyenje as much as we have (Miss Johnson - Mr T has been hard at work with your treasure hunt). We just quickly want to share some customised predeparture notes for team 3 (before was forget!) From the rest of the team:

1) bring enough pants. You can never have enough pants! (Or socks!)
2) remember to bring a watch. We are at the point of relying on the sun!
3) although it wasn't reccomended, we all wish we had brought more snacks as you always want an energy boost outside meal times.
4) only ruin 1 outfit for working. You will regret it if you don't when you want clean loungewear later.
5) enjoy every day and record it. Time flies in Malawi and you will love looking back at each day on your diaries and cameras.

Stars today:
George and Gem!!! The Inspire Leaders!