Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 7: Papaya and playgrounds

Update from Tonbridge Grammar volunteers

Today has been very busy. We woke to the delightful scene of homemade porridge with papaya and banana. 

After our early rising we got ready for a day of hard toil. Lizzie, Caitlin, Freya, Izzi, Annie T, Preet and Megan went to Mwandika feeding centre where there was a monthly drop in clinic. They spent the morning weighing the children and recording their weights in their baby books; selling medicated soap; and listening in to nurse Jean dealing with maladies ranging from fire smoke induced congestion to open wounds... 

Meanwhile Niamh, Anastasia, Hebe, Lydia, Anneka and Alice were flattening the playground area with paint pots full of cement and positioning tyres. They also went to the feeding centre and fed the children porridge whilst teaching them some basic maths and English.

Having returned for lunch we had a quieter afternoon playing with the local children as due to the late return of the group at the clinic, lunch was not finished till 4. 

We played duck duck goose a variation of French cricket and football.

We have just had an amazing singing performance by the girls from the lion king, a surprise hot chocolate and a lovely reflection time.

Over and out from Africa.
By Alice and Izzi.