Friday, 18 July 2014

Tonbridge team 2 - Day 6: Getting into the swing of things

Lydia, Niamh, Alice, Anika, Hebe and Anastasia visited a feeding centre in Mwandika and aided the workers at feeding time and played with the children whilst the rest of us stayed behind and worked on levelling out the playground and and helped out at the local feeding centre, where Anneka, Elizabeth, Megan and Caitlin organised a scavenger hunt whilst Izzi, Freya and I played educational games and songs with the children.

We were reunited for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the brick kilns and doing home improvements. Before dinner, some of us played a variation of a baseball game with the children.

Dinner was an exciting meal of scrambled eggs and sticky rice (egg fried rice) with stir fried vegetables with mandazis for desert.

Stars of the day: Niamh for her constant resourcefulness and approachability day and night!

Lydia for her communication skills at the feeding centre today and Megan for her constant positivity and enthusiasm (and her ketchup and galaxy chocolate). Go Megan!