Saturday, 23 September 2017

DIY SOS! Can you help us build a new community-based childcare centre in Gwaladi?

In Gwaladi/Daniel (village outside Blantyre) we are no longer able to use the church we have been using to feed and educate the children of the community. Our civil engineer condemned the building last week as a danger to the children attending. Between 64 and 100 children attend our centre each day.  The pressure is on to build a new space where we can continue to provide essential services of education, nutrition and health care so that these children can thrive.

Getting the right food and education before a child has their 5th birthday is so important. Without this, children are less likely to succeed at school and end up repeating the cycle of poverty. Joshua strongly believes that the best place for orphaned and vulnerable children to grow up is in their communities with their extended family there to support them. Rural pre-school and feeding programmes enable communities to care for vulnerable children without having to turn to institutional care-this is in the best interest of the child in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We have now started the foundations (pictured below) for a new two roomed CBCC with a small storage room inside. The building will be 7 metres by 12 metres and will cost £8,500. Any donation would be hugely appreciated - please contact if you can help!  We will keep you updated about our progress in  this crucial project for the Gwaladi/Daniel community.