Saturday, 17 February 2018

Our plans for 2018

At Joshua, we look back at 2017 with the knowledge that although we did not achieve all our goals, we did manage to feed over one thousand children a day, sponsored over two hundred students and built a new feeding centre, two libraries, and developed our MHM programme which resulted in building girl friendly toilets at several schools.  Our programme manager identified a Special Needs School which we renovated and helped by supplying food and materials and we also worked with VSO and the Keepod Programme to introduce IT into schools.   

We will be working with volunteer caregivers to improve education in the community-based childcare centres
Among our many goals for 2018 is to focus on education in the community-based childcare centres which operate like pre-schools.  We plan to provide training and equipment, improving our buildings and monitoring the success of the education programmes.   We know that pre-school education is critical for the healthy development of the children and that this could make real difference in their lives.  Watch this space for details of a very exciting project that will be starting soon for some of our CBCCs.  Our other work with student sponsorship, supporting school improvement plans and working with the elderly in the community will also continue.